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CLI documentation for Stingray?

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CLI documentation for Stingray?

Does anyone knows where to find information about the CLI for Stingray Traffic Manager? While there is mention of a CLI in some of the docs, there is no concrete information in the Documentation section.


I need to automate the management of clusters of appliances, and the Control API is based on outdated SOAP (rpc/encoded) that will probably be updated at some point. CLI seem to be the only stable way to go.


Thanks in advance for any information.


Re: CLI documentation for Stingray?

HI Julien,


All the help documentation for the CLI is built into the CLI itself using the help keyword. From pages 337-338 of the Stingray User Manual : - describe a command, for example, help Pool.addNodes or help show<br>

    If you have something specific in mind, please reply with it and I can help point you in the right direction.




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    Re: CLI documentation for Stingray?

    If you're on 9.1 and above, you can use the REST API.  In the long term that will be the API of choice for Stingray.