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Client Source IP in IIS Logs

New Contributor

Client Source IP in IIS Logs

Hi All,

One of Our Customer uses STM 9.3 VA at their Datacenter to load balance their web traffic.

Now they need to see the Client Orginial ip address in the IIS server Logs.

We have already open a ticket on the support. I am little bit confused their solutions.

Is there way to Insert client IP address to HTTP Header, So the client Ip will be in IIS Log.


Occasional Contributor

Re: Client Source IP in IIS Logs

Download the Microsoft Application Request Router (ARR) from Application Request Routing : The Official Microsoft IIS Site then install this on your IIS webserver.

On the Stingray Traffic Manager (STM), create a request rule as shown below because the ARR looks for the real source IP in the X-Forwarded-For header whereas the STM adds the real IP address as the X-Cluster-Client-Ip header:

# Look up the remote client IP address

$ip = request.getRemoteIP();


http.setheader("X-Forwarded-For", $ip);