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Cluster Monitoring for Dashboard

New Contributor

Cluster Monitoring for Dashboard

I'm creating a page to visually monitor multiple clusters of load balancers.  I'd like to be able to include and element that uses the status messages from the top right corner's "cluster status".  I can view the applet from https://exampleIP:9090/apps/zxtm/appletd.fcgi, but I am unable to interact and pull any values myself.  Does anyone have any ideas how I could pull the cluster status information myself?

Frequent Contributor

Re: Cluster Monitoring for Dashboard

Hi Josh,

This article (Gathering statistics from a cluster of Traffic Managers) explains how you can use Perl and our SOAP interface to query the cluster of traffic managers and get activity data.  The 'graphic equalizer' bars in the status applet plot the real-time bandwidth per virtual server on a logarithmic scale.

For health information, you can use the SOAP diagnoseSystem method; I've just published an article here: Tech Tip: Reading Stingray's internal diagnosis report using Perl and SOAP

Hope that this helps, best regards