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Configuring VIP for 80/443


Configuring VIP for 80/443


I've just configured my first load balance VIP on the Stingray Traffic Manager ZXTM LB 8.1r1.  I have been able to successfully create a HTTP and HTTPS VIP, but not both using the same IP.

  1. Added subnet to Traffic IP Network Settings
  2. Created a new Traffic IP Group and assigned VIP address
  3. Create new Virtual Server
    1. Enabled
    2. Protocol - HTTP
    3. Port 80
    4. Assign Traffic IP group from step 2
    5. Leave SSL Decryption alone
    6. All other options negligible for now
  4. Create new Pool with 2 nodes over port 80
  5. Test HTTP connection and works fine

I then go back and enable the SSL decryption and load the SSL certificate (previously added and verified).  I leave the Protocol to HTTP and switch the port # to 443.  Now my test site works over HTTPS but not HTTP.

I cannot create a second Traffic IP Group with the same IP since it's already in use.  I'm sure there's a way for me to use the same IP for both HTTP and HTTPS requests. 

In my experience, the equivalent to the Traffic IP group would allow me to assign the VIP as port 80 and port 443 and they would be consider separate.

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Re: Configuring VIP for 80/443


With the Stingray you only need to create the Traffic IP Group once per IP address and you'll do most of the configuration on "server pool" and "virtual server" to activate a service.

To resolve your concern you only need to create a new "virtual server with port 80" and allow it to listen on same Traffic IP Group address. This is similar process if you would like to enable new services (like FTP, SMTP etc) to use the same Traffic IP Group Address.

Example: HTTP-VIP

Virtual Server: HTTP-VIP (You can user any name to easily identify your service)

Protocol: HTTP

Port: 80

Default Pool: (your server pool similar to what you have configured, or you can create a new server pool for this service)

I hope that helps. Let me know if you need more info.