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Connection reset by peer on node drain

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Connection reset by peer on node drain

Hi there,


We're seeing the following errors occasionally when performing a node drain to reset IIS whether being called via a script or from within the GUI:


[27/Jul/2017:03:00:04 +0100] SERIOUS pools/XXXXXXXX nodes/**filtered**.**filtered**.**filtered**.**filtered**:80 nodefail Node **filtered**.**filtered**.**filtered**.**filtered** has failed - Read error: Connection reset by peer

[27/Jul/2017:10:42:58 +0100] SERIOUS pools/XXXXXXXX nodes/**filtered**.**filtered**.**filtered**.**filtered**:80 nodefail Node **filtered**.**filtered**.**filtered**.**filtered** has failed - Read error: Connection reset by peer


We only have passive monitioring active and there is no session persistence configured.


I've done a fair amount of googling and I'm still not 100% sure why I'm getting these errors, from my understanding, the connection reset by peer error is being thrown 4 seconds after the script is called which fits in with the configured max_connect_time setting of 4 seconds. - Bottom of page 242, this section specifically


"The Traffic Manager attempts to connect to a node; if the connection is refused, or is not established within the max_connect_time setting (default 4 seconds), the request is considered to have failed."


If the node is draining correctly then my understanding would be that we shouldn't ever see this error as no new traffic should be sent to that specific node. Can someone explain why I'm getting this error? I'm scratching my head over why we're seeing it.



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Re: Connection reset by peer on node drain

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