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Count Rule processing

New Contributor

Count Rule processing

Hi guys,

I am a little bit confused right now.

I have two rules. Rule 1 is the main rule and is processed, whenever a request receives. Rule 2 is imported in Rule 1 and is just processed, when there is a specific path.

Now I was interested in the activity of that path and used the activity log. I've selected the Rule 2 and checked "Number of times this TrafficScript rule has been executed". But there is not a single activity displayed. When I select Rule 1 I see all requests/Rule processing.

And I know that the specific path is used very often.

So my question is: Is it possible, that rules are only counted being processed, when they are the first rules being processed?

Do you have a additional idea how to count the activity?

Kind regards,

Matthias Richter


Re: Count Rule processing

When you import a rule into another then it's functions can be executed by the rule importing the code, but the imported rule itself is not executed directly.

If you want to count the number of time a path is traversed vs total number of requests, then you could use counter.increment(), using one counter for all requests, and a second for the path you are interested in. the values of these counters can then be read using SOAP, SNMP or the ZCLI, and they can be graphed in "Current Activity".



New Contributor

Re: Count Rule processing

Great, thanks for your help. I will have a try.