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Creating a Traffic IP Group within a AWS VPC

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Creating a Traffic IP Group within a AWS VPC



We are using Stingray at AWS using the standard Riverbed AMI's. We also have a VPC at  Amazon were we host our backends. I have set up two Traffic Managers. Each has a VPC Elastic IP and can handle traffic for any of our backends. They are clustered and share their config fine. 


The last step to get fully fault tolerant is to assign them to a Traffic IP Group. When you try to create a Traffic IP Group via the admin console it only allows you to choose a EC2 Elastic IP. When you do this the Traffic IP Group doesn't work as that IP isn't managed by either Traffic Manager, they have their own VPC Elastic IP's. I can work around this by manually editing the config for the Traffic IP Group to use one of the VPC Elastic IP. However all traffic then only goes to the Traffic Manager that manages that IP and if that Traffic Manager is stopped the other Traffic Manager fails to take ownership of the elastic IP. The following error is given:


 Failed to release EC2 Elastic IP from use: This Elastic IP is not associated with this account.


Is it possible to use a Traffic IP Group within an AWS VPC? Is seems I can get really close but it doesn't seem to cater for the difference between VPC Elastic IP's and EC2 Elastic IP's.





Re: Creating a Traffic IP Group within a AWS VPC

Hi pmc100,

Sorry for the late reply. Amazon VPC is something that AWS wants to direct their customers towards, and the Stingray product team is working towards making the Traffic Manager product fully compatible within the VPC. However, this is not quite ready at the moment, but we expect that it will be available soon. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.



Re: Creating a Traffic IP Group within a AWS VPC

They why on earth do you allow customers to launch instances inside their VPC?  That to me implies that it is supported. If it is not supported then stop letting people launch them. What a waste of time and money. I blew like 2 hrs trying to get this to work, and time with your technical support people who didn't have a foggy clue.

New Contributor

Re: Creating a Traffic IP Group within a AWS VPC

Hello Dave and pmc100 -

I am a product manager on the Stingray team, and would like to apologize for you having to go through this ordeal.

Can you please reach out to me directly at ? I would like to understand the issue you are facing and find a way to make up for your inconvenience.




Re: Creating a Traffic IP Group within a AWS VPC

pmc100 . and Dave Rose

     I just checked withNaveen Prabhu on this issue and the issue should be resolved in STM9.1r1 which is now available on the Amazon Marketplace ( I just checked and 9.1r1 is available on the AWS Marketplace)

I hope this helps..



Aidan Clarke
Pulse Secure vADC Product Manager