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Custom Monitor Program fro RADIUS Auth


Custom Monitor Program fro RADIUS Auth

Guys I need a custom ‘Monitor Program’ to monitor a RADIUS Virtual Server.

I’m currently using ping but moving forward I would prefer to have something a little more robust to ensure my RADIUS servers are online.

I’m looking at a custom monitor program and my preference would be to create it using Perl, or Traffic Script if required.

There are of course limitations to loading Perl modules on to Stingray so its left me at a dead end.

In short I want it to periodically run an Authentication test on each server i.e. UDP 1812.

Has anyone here created such a thing or could give me a suggestion on how to proceed?



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Re: Custom Monitor Program fro RADIUS Auth

Hi Mathew:

See this link, is a perl script to authenticate to a radius server. Upload this script to zeus and use as a monitoring by select perl script in monitoring section. Regards


PD: You need modify the script with the server details before upload to zxtm