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Deprecated commands

New Contributor

Deprecated commands

Hi guys,

I have a little question on deprecated commands.

We are running v9.2 in productive environment and I want to upgrade it to 9.6r1.

I already done that in my test lap and as we know, some commands are deprecated. Like request.getlogenabled oder request.setlogenabled.

My question is: After the upgrade process, are my Traffic Script Rules still working, cause it's "just" a warning and it's normally processed or is my rule invalid and I am not able to handle any requests?

kind regards,



Re: Deprecated commands


    deprecated TrafficScript functions will warn you whenever they are saved but will still work - at least for a while. After the command is deprecated, it is no longer supported (ie: you can't raise a support case for problems with the function) and it will be removed at a later date in the future.

It is best practice to replace deprecated calls with their suggested replacements as soon as is possible.

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Hope this helps.

Aidan Clarke
Pulse Secure vADC Product Manager