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Differences between "Stingray Simple Load Balancer" and "Stingray Load Balancer" (AWS)

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Differences between "Stingray Simple Load Balancer" and "Stingray Load Balancer" (AWS)

Hello -


I have an AWS deployment which requires a load balancer at the application tier (does not touch the Internet) which essentially eliminates using the Amazon Elastic Load Balancer.  After doing some research, I found that Riverbed (Zeus Technology) has such an instance available in Amazon's cloud which appears to meet my needs.  However, after struggling with Riverbed website for a good hour, I have been unable to answer the simple question as to the differences between the "Stingray Simple Load Balancer" and "Stingray Load Balancer".  Our configuration doesn't require anything extraordinarily fancy - it just needs:


  1. Something reliable which will load balance requests to a collection of application servers on a definable port.
  2. An HA configuration in the event one instance dies (for whatever reason) or we need to performance maintenance on one of the pair.

I found the form that allows me to contact sales, but I'd rather avoid the whole sales pitch - I already know I want to use one of the instances available in AWS.  I just need to know the differences between these two types so I can make an informed decision versus spinning up both instances and seeing what I can figure out.


Thanks in advance for everyone's time!



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Re: Differences between "Stingray Simple Load Balancer" and "Stingray Load Balancer&q

Hi Todd,


'Stingray Load Balancer' and 'Stingray Simple Load Balancer' are legacy Zeus product configurations that we've simply renamed 'Stingray' for the time being.  


When Riverbed acquired Zeus, we simplified Zeus' software configurations to a set of appliance-like configurations (1000L, 2000M, 4000H etc).  We will do the same with the cloud configurations (Amazon EC2 and others) in due course but we're introducing the changes slowly and carefully.


The Zeus Load Balancer (now called 'Stingray Load Balancer') is a version of the traffic manager product that does not include TrafficScript, or any of the advanced traffic management features such as bandwidth management, autoscaling or service level monitoring.


The Zeus Simple Load Balancer (now called 'Stingray Simple Load Balancer') is a very basic version that provides simple load balancing and high availability, with basic acceleration capabilities, but is not designed to inspect or modify traffic to any degree.  It's a good alternative to other basic load balancers and sounds like it will meet your requirements.


best regards



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Re: Differences between "Stingray Simple Load Balancer" and "Stingray Load Balancer&a

Great!  Thanks for your assistance Owen!


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Re: Differences between "Stingray Simple Load Balancer" and "Stingray Load Balancer" (AWS)

We will continue to revise the features, pricing and even product naming of the Stingray configurations on AWS.  Please check out the AWS Marketplace (; search for Riverbed) to see what is available.

You can also BYOL (bring your own license) and install that on the license-less developer edition