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Disabling Rest API without going through interface

New Member

Disabling Rest API without going through interface

 Hello All,


I recently tried to automate the install of my traffic manager. Everything went great except for one part.... The RestAPI. I know I can disable the API via the interface itself, however, in order to be as automated as possible I wanted to disable it after I finished the configuration. I was reviewing the documentation but couldn't find anything to disable it. Anyone know if this is even possible? Any help would be awesome, thanks in advance!

Community Manager

Re: Disabling Rest API without going through interface

Which method did you use for the automation? There are a number of ways, including API access, scripting, config loader and more.


The best way to disable the REST API automatically may be by setting rest_api : { enabled : false } via the REST API itself.


Alternatively, if you automate the configuration using the Config Importer, then you should find that the REST API can be disabled completely. The Config Importer allows you to create both one-time configuration and managed-configuration settings.


For more information, see: