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Download the Pulse vADC Demonstration Package

AAA_PulseSecure_Icons_Isometric_Gradient_vADC.pngIn order to support our new Certified Technical Expert training course for Pulse vADC, we have created a demonstration package which contains files to support the training course, and allows you to set up your own demo environment which runs on your laptop in a Docker container environment, and includes deployment files for each of the demo sessions.


All you need to get started is access to a Linux virtual machine (eg, Ubuntu 18.04 on your laptop), and the instructions included in the ZIP file show you how to download and install Docker and Terraform. From there, the demo package is able to download the Pulse vTM Community Edition and other resources from the Docker Hub, and follow the documentation in each module to run each of the demos:


  1. Deploying a simple service with Traffic Manager
  2. Use a simple TrafficScript rule to re-write content
  3. Web content caching
  4. SSL decryption and offload
  5. More complex TrafficScript examples, and performance management using a Rate Class
  6. Another TrafficScript example to log an alert when there is a spike in traffic
  7. Global load balancing


Download the demo package (attached to this article) to learn about how to install Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager in a Docker Container environment, configure simple services including SSL offload and content caching, and try out some cool TrafficScript examples - and use Terraform to deploy all those services automatically. Files to download:


For more information on training courses for Pulse vADC or any other Pulse Secure solution, see the course details here, or email our Education team at [email protected].


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