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Drupal plugin for Stingray

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Drupal plugin for Stingray

We are using Stingray for one of our Drupal website and I have created a Drupal plugin Stingray Traffic Manager | to do basic cache control operations as part of Drupal page update, etc.

The question I have are:

1. Is there any copy rights issue to use the name Stingray or Do we need to mention anything in README to avoid any legal problem?

2. Is there any PHP library that implements all API methods, so that I can extend this module to make it generic Stingray extension rather than just cache controller.


Re: Drupal plugin for Stingray


1) The name Stingray is copyrighted with our company. So, it cannot be used.

2) I dont think there is any PHP library that implements all the API methods.



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Re: Drupal plugin for Stingray

In relation to the copyright issue, you would have to seek independent legal advice as I do not think anyone on this site is a lawyer!  I will make some inquiries internally to see if there is a contact point we can provide where you can ask these questions to the relevant Riverbed contacts.

As for the PHP API question, does this help? Tech Tip: A Stingray Traffic Manager REST Client for PHP

Aidan Clarke
Pulse Secure vADC Product Manager