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Elastic Application Delivery - Demo

This video is a demo of Elastic Application Delivery using the Stingray Services Controller. It shows how monitoring something like throughput or concurrent connections can be used as a trigger for the Services Controller to spin up new instances of Stingray. This type of model can be used when building a very dynamic datacenter. The Flexible Licensing of the Services Controller enables a pool of licensed bandwidth to "follow an application".


Imagine how in an enterprise data center, different workloads are busy at different times of the day. For instance, early in the morning, the VMware View servers may be busy as desktops are booted, but after that "boot storm" they are relatively idle. Then a half hour later something like Microsoft Exchange or Siebel become busy... Well now using the flexible licenses of the Stingray Services Controller, an ADC can spin up during the busy times for one application, then shut down and return its resources to the pool, then as the next application becomes busy, it can bring up a different instance with bandwidth assigned to it, then return its bandwidth when it is done.


This type of model is only available with the Stingray Services Controller.


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Great job Brian!