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Exchange 2013 preauth and forms login

New Contributor

Exchange 2013 preauth and forms login

I'm currently evaluating Stingray as a solution for a Exchange 2013 deployment; I'm impressed with the product, however, in comparison to other products (ie from Kemp and F5) it seems lacking in features for my needs.

For example, in previous releases of Exchange, Microsoft tied their own ISA/TMG into the client flow, allowing you to easily preauthenticate users at the edge of your network.

Microsoft are no longer developing that product - other load balancer providers seem to have jumped on this opportunity and have offered solutions to do preauth at the edge using those products.

The key features that I can't see any obvious support for are:

  • Forms based authentication at the loadbalancer
  • Seamless preauth for Outlook Anywhere using Kerberos Delegation (KCD or similar)
  • Support for NTLM auth methods

The F5 with their templated iApp seems to do all of the above

I've seen the solution guide for Exchange 2013 but none of the above is covered there.

Has anyone had any success in doing any of the above?



Re: Exchange 2013 preauth and forms login


     Firstly, Welcome to splash! 

Currently Stingray Traffic Manager (Release 9.4) does not support KCD, which as you mentioned, is a needed element for seamless pre-authentication.  Unfortunately we do not comment publicly on the product Roadmap, but if you want to, contact me with a Direct Message here on SPLASH and we can get some local resources to get in touch with you directly.

Forms based authentication is supported through Traffic Script, and there are resources to help you get there with the authentication elements found here: Authentication Overlay Libraries - making auth (even) easier...

Let us know if there is anything else you need...



Aidan Clarke
Pulse Secure vADC Product Manager