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Forward proxying with VTM (10.3)

New Contributor

Forward proxying with VTM (10.3)



I've been looking at using our Traffic Manager (for specific clients) as a forward proxy, so that internal machine can connect to external servers (Internet). I've followed the advise in this post

but I cannot get it to work.


I believe I know my way around the TM fairly well, but I think there is some basic setup missing from the post with regards to the pool mentioned and maybe how it and the VIP may need to be configured (e.g. Transparent Proxying).


Is there anybody who has a more detailed method, showing the setup of the Pool, VIP and how they're using IP addresses.

My test VIP uses a Traffic IP Group address and maybe it doesn't working with this?


Any thoughts and help would be much appreciated.





Re: Forward proxying with VTM (10.3)

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