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Freeing disk space on the Virtual Appliance

When managing the Traffic Manager Virtual Appliance you might need to free some space to perform certain tasks. This is usually most visible when performing upgrades where you might be presented with the following message:

Analyzing system: failed  ERROR: Not enough space available, need 300000KB, however only xxxxxxKB is available 


You can perform the following steps:


  1. If you've previously uploaded a zeus upgrade package (.zpkg file) for a major upgrade, this can now be safely removed.
  2. Remove unnecessary files left over from a previous upgrade: (remove /opt/zeus/.upgrade and /opt/zeus.extract.*)
  3. Remove any cached charts from the activity graphs: /opt/zeus/zxtmadmin/docroot/cache/*
  4. If you've uploaded anything to /root that isn't needed any more, delete those files.
  5. Remove old versions of the traffic manager software as described below.
  6. Back up some old log files and remove them from /logs.
  7. Remove any temporary files from the /logs partition: /logs/.tmp/*
  8. Extend the logs partition as described in the Product Documentation - Virtual Appliance Getting Started Guide


Generally, the /logs partition has more free space than the /root partition.  You should move the upgrade package (.zpkg) and other temporary files to that partition rather than root.


If all else fails, you can generate a disk space report that lists the largest folders and files on each partition as follows:


# du -ax / | sort -rn | head -50

# du -ax /logs | sort -rn | head -50


Provide this information to Riverbed Technical Support.


Removing Previous Software Versions


When you upgrade the Virtual Appliance, the previous version of the software is retained so that you can revert back to it at any point in time. If you upgrade through a series of minor revisions you might have several older versions of the software still installed. In practice, it is unlikely that you need to retain all of these; having a single version that is known to be good should suffice.


Use the following command to list the software versions that are installed in the currently running partition:


# /opt/zeus/zxtm/bin/rollback --delete


You can safely delete old software versions using this interactive command if you are certain that you will not need to roll-back to them at some point in the future.


Web Application Firewall


In a manner similar to the Traffic Manager itself, the previous versions of the Web Application Firewall are retained following an upgrade. As with the Traffic Manager you can remove these old software versions to free disk space if you are certain that you will no longer need to roll-back to them.


Version 4.5 or later of the Web Application Firewall provides an interface to manage installed versions, the interface can be accessed via the Traffic Manager administration interface.


Application Firewall > Administration > Cluster Management > Updater > Open Update Center


After logging into the Update Center, use the "Undeploy" action to remove any inactive versions you no longer require.

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