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GLB monitoring : node scope


GLB monitoring : node scope



We are thinking about using GSLB in one of our projects (we are already  TrafficManagers) but we have an issue: for a given location we have defined several IP adresses (A records), and those IPs are given back to the client in a round-robin fashion. This is fine. The issue is that the monitoring of a GSLB location is only pool/wide scope. We would like the GSLB to remove IP adresses not working.

We already have GSLB implementations where the local IP adress is the one of a virtual server, but this scenario is unfortunately possible in this new project. Any good ideas ?




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Re: GLB monitoring : node scope

Hi Vincent,


What you want to achieve is unfortunately not yet available.

An RFE exists to allow monitoring of all IPs configured in a GLB location, but no ETA are provided for now.

I'll come back to you once I have more information about it.