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GLB monitoring : node scope

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GLB monitoring : node scope



We are thinking about using GSLB in one of our projects (we are already  TrafficManagers) but we have an issue: for a given location we have defined several IP adresses (A records), and those IPs are given back to the client in a round-robin fashion. This is fine. The issue is that the monitoring of a GSLB location is only pool/wide scope. We would like the GSLB to remove IP adresses not working.

We already have GSLB implementations where the local IP adress is the one of a virtual server, but this scenario is unfortunately possible in this new project. Any good ideas ?




Baptiste Assmann
Occasional Contributor

Re: GLB monitoring : node scope

Hi Vincent,


What you want to achieve is unfortunately not yet available.

An RFE exists to allow monitoring of all IPs configured in a GLB location, but no ETA are provided for now.

I'll come back to you once I have more information about it.



New Contributor

Re: GLB monitoring : node scope



We are interested by this feaure too Smiley Happy

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Re: GLB monitoring : node scope

Hi Everyone,

In 18.x, we can configure GLB to have a specific type of monitor under monitor catalogs. If the monitor fails from any of the locations, the traffic manager will flag the location as dead and it will be filtered out of any subsequent DNS responses. Monitors can be defined as canned or custom monitors.

Catalogs>GLB Services>"Service Name">Locations And Monitoring>Monitors