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Generic Database Monitor


Generic Database Monitor

Often, customers wish to do load balancing of replicating databases, and wish to effectively monitor them.  The attached Java extension leverages JDBC drivers to connect to the database server, then the monitor issues a query of "select 1" to the database server by default.  The monitor accepts the following parameters: 

user          The user to connect as (required)

password      The user's password (required)
type          The type of database supported options: "mysql", "mssql", "oracle", or "postgress" (required)
database      The name of the database configured i.e. for a "use <database>" command (required)
instance      For mssql, the name of the instance to connect to (optional)
service       For Oracle, the name of the service (required) (note 1)
query         The query to use.  Use "~" in place of spaces. (optional--defaults to "select 1") (note 2)


Note 1: The service parameter is required for monitoring Oracle databases

Note 2: A valid query parameter is required for monitoring Oracle databases

Upload the and ConnectDBServer.class files to the monitors section in the extra files catalog, and create an appropriate monitor with the options above.  The is a Bash shells script that can be modified to provide additional support for other database types if needed.


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Re: Generic Database Monitor

Updated by pwallace to indicated required parameters for Oracle databases