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HTML login

New Contributor

HTML login

I'm currently creating a dashboard to allow me to visually monitor multiple clusters.  I currently have some html written as a proof of concept that is using iframes for the cluster status applet.  The issue I am running into is that anytime I refresh my browser cache the iframes pull up the login screens for the load balancers and not the applet status until I log into to every load balancer on the page (about 20).  I've tried injecting the username and password into the html of the iframe using:

https://exampleIP/apps/zxtm/login.cgi/?username=my.usernameSmiley Tongueassword=my.password

This displays the following in the username box:

my.usernameSmiley Tongueassword=my.password

I'm unsure of what I need to use as a separator to get the password into the password field.

Does anyone have any ideas or alternative ways for me to accomplish this?

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Re: HTML login

Hi Josh,

The following worked for me:

(obviously, set admin and admin to the correct username and password)



ps: the separator is '&', as per Query string - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Re: HTML login

Hey Owen,

Thanks so much this worked perfectly.  I had tried a few separators including the ampersand   It seems that I was using the id, but not the form id for the username and password fields.

Thanks again,