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Heartbeat messages

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Heartbeat messages

After a restart I get the following error from both traffic managers in my cluster.


"device" is not receiving heartbeat messages from any machine in the cluster


I thought it was a netwroking issues but both machines are able to comminicate with one another on 9090.


Is there something I am missing in relation to heartbeat.

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Re: Heartbeat messages

Hi Pkuipers,


The Heartbeat message use UDP rather than TCP. So it might be worth checking that UDP is allowed between them. The messages have been unicast by default for a while, but older versions of vTM used to default to multicast. If this cluster has been running for a while, then it might be using multicast. Check System -> Fault Tolerance -> General -> flipper!heartbeat_method.


If it's using unicast, then it might be a problem with IGMP on your network. You can either try to fix it, or switch to unicast.