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How to monitor http error 500 easily


How to monitor http error 500 easily

Does anybody have a better idea than mine?

i want to monitor http error 500 coming from the app-servers in a daily (maybe hourly?) statistics, i can't find anything suitable within the Activity Monitors, so i am planing to create a custom counter, which increments every time a error 500 occurs and then sends a statistic every day.

not a smart way at all, but i don't know another one...


Re: How to monitor http error 500 easily

A few options exist, personally I would use the Traffic Manager SNMP user counters and the counter.increment() traffic script command.

Response Rule

if( http.getresponsecode() == 500 ){

# Increment the first user counter by 1

counter.increment( 1 );


Or you could change the rule to include all response codes > and = to 500 as well.

if( http.getresponsecode() >= 500 ){

counter.increment( 1 );


These counters are readable via SNMP, and can be graphed on the Current Activity page on the Administration Server. By default, the counter is incremented by one. Depending on your version of Traffic Manager, you can also pull SNMP statistics via API's.

Alternative options...

log.warn( "Application XYZ >=500 Error" );

#Be careful of filling your event logs!

event.emit( "Email", "Application XYZ >=500 Error" );