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How to show the connection in VTM

New Contributor

How to show the connection in VTM

Hello All,


I'm new in this vTM and I tried to find the current conenction which the client connect to Backend node.

The following connection that I found in "node connect" state.


However, I was expect something like the following connection:


Logically, it should show only 1 connection from 1 client IP address to 1 Backend Node instead of 1IP address conenct to 1 Backend Node but have few conenction between them. 


Can someone please advice?


Thank you

Occasional Contributor

Re: How to show the connection in VTM

Hi Darren,


Where are you seeing that information? Is that from the Connections tab? 


Are you saying that each of your clients is making just one connection, and so wondering why you see more in the connections table? Does the request eventually fail by any chance? If the connections are all in the "node connect" state then I think the VTM is having issues establishing a connection, but it's difficult to say for sure without more information.