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HowTo: Use low-bandwidth content during periods of high load

Stingray can automatically adapt what content is presented to users based on reaction to environmental conditions such as how busy a site is. In this example, Stingray's HowTo: Monitor the response time of slow services would be used to trigger off a change, without human intervention, to serve low-bandwidth versions of the content during periods of extreme load, to get more from the available resources.


A Service Level Monitoring Class monitors the response time for connections associated with the class, and can raise alerts if the service level falls below a configured response time and tolerance.  You can also inspect the current status of the service level class within a TrafficScript rule:


# Set the service level class to be used
connection.setServiceLevelClass( "LowResSLM" );

# Check if the service level class is conforming and
# select the appropriate pool to use based on the result
if( slm.isOK("LowResSLM") ) {
   pool.use( "Web Site");
} else {
   pool.use( "Low Res Pool" );


You may have other ways to select the low-bandwidth version of you content - perhaps it is published under "/low" in your CMS, or perhaps you could forcibly redirect you users to the mobile version of your service.


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