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Infrastructure as Code - Terraform with Pulse vADC


Dmitri Kalintsev (@dkalintsev) is the Director of DevOps and Cloud Labs here at Pulse Secure, and he has published a series of articles about how you can use Terraform with Pulse vADC to automate application provisioning and building deployment templates. In his 4-part blog Dmitri gives a quick introduction to the Terraform provider for Pulse vTM, and shows how it can help you support your applications lifecycle.

Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) offers a Terraform Provider, which includes 100% coverage for all vTM’s REST API resources, and includes support for the latest version 5.2 of the vTM REST API, with backwards compatibility to REST API version 4.0.

Terraform ( is one of the leading tools from Hashicorp for automated provisioning of applications in a wide variety of multi-cloud IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and on-prem services. Terraform uses the concept of “Providers” which are a description of how a service can be created from system services such as AWS and other component services, and make them available through the Terraform’s language (HCL). The beauty of this approach is in that you can describe a collection of resources supported by any combination of other Providers using the same language (HCL). And you can mix and cross-reference these resources in one template, too, which gives flexibility and transparency in how component services are constructed.

Check out the first of Dmitri’s articles here, and find out how to get started with Terraform and Pulse vTM:
1. Setting up Terraform for Pulse vTM

2. Learn about data sources and resources

3. Use conditional logic to control resources 

4. Complete your Terraform deployment

And when you are ready to go, you can download the Terraform provider for Pulse vTM here:


These articles are republished with permission of @dkalintsev, originally published here:

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