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Issues after upgrading ZXTM 9.8 to 17.4

Occasional Contributor

Issues after upgrading ZXTM 9.8 to 17.4

Hi All,
Please help us to remove the below log from the system, we can see this log after every 3 mins in the log file.
WARN    rules/xxxxxx    rulelogmsgwarn  licensekeys/xxxxxx      FLA declined with status 404 text/html;
charset=utf-8 by https://SD:8100/licenseserver/1.0?host=bld06742002&home=bld06742001-1&rest=9070


Re: Issues after upgrading ZXTM 9.8 to 17.4

Hi Shehan.

That looks like the sort of warning a vTM would give if it is trying to get licensing information from a Service Director that it is not registered with. Perhaps it has both a static vTM license file and a "FLA" for contacting SD installed on it.

Can you check the licensing page of the vTM and verify please? And feel free to reach out to our TAC team for fuller diagnosis.