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Load Balancing Microsoft Always On VPN (IKEv2 & SSTP)

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Load Balancing Microsoft Always On VPN (IKEv2 & SSTP)

Hello everyone.


I'm just wondering if anyone has successfully Load Balanced a Microsoft AOVPN service via a Pulse vADC cluster?


I have been experimenting with it a bit and am in the process of trying to do so, but hit some initial challanges with traffic routing and tunnel stability... although i'm early days on the project and the VPN does at least initially appear to establish fine.  There may be issues with IKEv2 and NAT traversal, whilst trying to keep clients on the same gateway server, which is what i am focusing on at the minute.


So just curious if others have managed it and whether they have successfully LB'd both IKEv2 and SSTP VPN's across multiple VPN Gateway servers (or not).


I would be interested to hear others experience with this.


Cheers, Al