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Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Aptimize or Stingray

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Aptimize or Stingray


we have a customer who has performance problems with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The pages are loaded very slow even in the datacenter, but there is no load on the server. The customer has Steelhead Mobile in their environment and the page loads via a dialup connection (using SHM) faster than in the datacenter. So the idea the customer had, is to roll out the Steelhead Mobile client also to the internal clients.

Our idea was to use Aptimize or Stingray to get a better performance for the direct connected clients, which are next to the datacenter.

Anyone already used Aptimize or Stingray on Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Any experiences? What can be done with these two products to improve the performance?

Any hints are very welcome!




Re: Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Aptimize or Stingray


     Currently Aptimizer does not support Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  You can load balance Dynamics - it is jsut simple HTTP or HTTPS load balancing.  From what I can remember, I think Dynamics does not support SSL offload, but you can load balance it without decrypting the SSL - this is called SSL Bridging.

Just remember to make your health check poll the actual path of the Dynamics installation.

Can you advise what the actual latency to the CRM server is from the clients?  I have seen many remote WAN clients benefit from steelhead being used in Dynamics environments.  This is normally due to the dedupe that SH is doing. 

Just as a thought, have you checked for speed/duplex mismatches or other network issues that might be causing sub optimal local performance?



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Re: Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Aptimize or Stingray

Hi Aidan,

thank you for your answer.

I heard something that Microsoft Dynamics isn't supported by Aptimize, but i wanted to be sure.

The delay is smaller than 10msecs.

Also a full/half duplex mismatch (which was my first guess) can't be found at the customer.

Maybe the problem is the firewall, adding a few msecs delay to each request, as the internal clients have to go through the firewall (the SHM and the Steelhead are deployed in the server DMZ, so no firewall in between).

I guess, it is just the huge amount of very small sessions going back and forth between the client and the server and such sessions can be optimized very well with SHM as well as there is no additional network device adding delay to the session.

We will try to install another instance of Microsoft Dynamics and try to loadbalance it and see what is the result.

Again, thanks for your answer! Will keep you updated as soon as we know more.


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Re: Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Aptimize or Stingray

Does anyone know how well riverbed steelhead with RiOS 9.0 can optimize Microsoft Dynamics?

What sort or results can we expect to see?


Re: Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Aptimize or Stingray

Mike, It might be worthwhile posting this in the Steelhead section of Splash here:

I'm sure the right brains will be there to assist...