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Migrating F5-LTM to Stingray Traffic Manager

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Migrating F5-LTM to Stingray Traffic Manager

Does anyone know a semi-simple way of migrating the configurations from a F5-LTM to a Stingray Traffic Manager?

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Re: Migrating F5-LTM to Stingray Traffic Manager

Specifically, what I am looking for is a way of migrating the contents of the two following files from the F5-LTM to the STM.  

  • bigip_base.conf:  Contains the configured VLANs, self IP address, management interface, and so forth.
  • bigip.conf: Contains the specific setting for each of the virtual servers and pool members.

If I need to massage the data before importing into STM, I am good with that as well.  I just need to know the syntax and process.  Thanks on advance for any help.


Re: Migrating F5-LTM to Stingray Traffic Manager

Hi David,

i don't have any experience with F5 Config Files, as we switched from another solution to STM. We used a small script creating zcli commands to create ~200 trafficips, vservers, corresponding pools, settings etc.

did take some hours to create the script and then just minutes and the config is finished...

just as a hint how to create a vserver via zcli (command line tool), as we have two datacentres with more or less the same configuration a little bit more than you need:

TrafficIPGroups.addTrafficIPGroup www.example.com_DC1,{ ipaddresses: [], machines: [STM1.DC1.tpi,STM2.DC1.tpi] }

TrafficIPGroups.addTrafficIPGroup www.example.com_DC2,{ ipaddresses: [], machines: [STM1.DC2.tpi,STM2.DC2.tpi] }

VirtualServer.addVirtualServer ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP,{ default_pool: ex_i66_ui_v6, port: 80, protocol: http }

VirtualServer.addVirtualServer ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS,{ default_pool: ex_i66_ui_v6, port: 443, protocol: http }

VirtualServer.setListenTrafficIPGroupsByLocation DC1,[ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP],[[www.example.com_DC1]]

VirtualServer.setListenTrafficIPGroupsByLocation DC2,[ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP],[[www.example.com_DC2]]

VirtualServer.setListenTrafficIPGroupsByLocation DC1,[ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS],[[www.example.com_DC1]]

VirtualServer.setListenTrafficIPGroupsByLocation DC2,[ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS],[[www.example.com_DC2]]

TrafficIPGroups.setEnabled www.example.com_DC1 enabled

TrafficIPGroups.setEnabled www.example.com_DC2 enabled

VirtualServer.setEnabled ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP true

VirtualServer.setEnabled ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS true

VirtualServer.setCompressionEnabled ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP true

VirtualServer.setCompressionEnabled ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS true

VirtualServer.setWebcacheEnabled ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP true

VirtualServer.setWebcacheEnabled ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS true

VirtualServer.setRequestTracingEnabled ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP true

VirtualServer.setRequestTracingEnabled ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS true

VirtualServer.setLogEnabled ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP true

VirtualServer.setLogEnabled ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS true

VirtualServer.setProtection ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP ex_service_protection

VirtualServer.setProtection ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS ex_service_protection

VirtualServer.setResponseRules ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP,{ enabled: true, name: ex_response, run_frequency: run_every}

VirtualServer.setResponseRules ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS,{ enabled: true, name: ex_response, run_frequency: run_every}

VirtualServer.setRules ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP, [{ enabled: true, name: ex_httpsrewrite, run_frequency: run_every}{ enabled: true, name: ex_i66_poolchoose, run_frequency: run_every}{ enabled: true, name: ex_nohomepageredirecttologin, run_frequency: run_every}]

VirtualServer.setRules ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS, [{ enabled: true, name: ex_request, run_frequency: run_every}{ enabled: true, name: ex_i66_poolchoose, run_frequency: run_every}]

VirtualServer.setTimeout ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP 300

VirtualServer.setTimeout ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS 300

VirtualServer.setAddXForwardedForHeader ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTP true

VirtualServer.setAddXForwardedForHeader ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS true

VirtualServer.setSSLCertificate ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS

VirtualServer.setSSLDecrypt ex_i66_www.example.com_HTTPS true

just copy/paste to zcli


Re: Migrating F5-LTM to Stingray Traffic Manager


Unfortunately there is no direct way to translate an F5 config to STM. There are a few differences in the way it is set up.  the bigip_base.conf is probably pretty easy to parse by hand and set up either manually or with zcli commands if you are using a virtual appliance.

As for your bigip.conf, this should be pretty easy to map into zcli commands as Jochen Maurer suggested.

Aidan Clarke
Pulse Secure vADC Product Manager