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Modifying Configuration Request Logging

Occasional Contributor

Modifying Configuration Request Logging

I'm testing Stingray as VMware Virtual Appliance.

Is it impossible to modify when and where to store log files?

Look like it can't be done as there is no option for that on Request Logging in Virtual Server.


Re: Modifying Configuration Request Logging

Requests can be logged to a file on your system using the settings on the Request Logging Virtual Server  page.

The log!filename: allows you to change the location of the log file. 

Also, the request loggin can be configured to use a syslog server (as with any logging service, why make Stingray use the I/O writes to disk?)

request logging.JPG.jpg

Occasional Contributor

Re: Modifying Configuration Request Logging

Thank you for your reply.

However sure I did change the setting 'log!filename' but not worked.

just worked as default. (Log files are saved at /logs/vservers/Virtual Servers/

One thing on the page bothering me is the comment :

"The name of the file in which to store the request logs. Appliances will ignore this. The filename can contain macros..."

what does it mean by that?


Re: Modifying Configuration Request Logging

My apologies for overlooking the Virtual Appliance use. Changing request logging (log!filename) does not change the location where the logs are stored on the virtual appliance.