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Mysterious cookie on site

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Mysterious cookie on site

I've taken over support for a website and browsers report that a Zeus Traffic Management cookie is being generated by the site. I don't use Zeus, so I'm guessing that the previous designers did and there some legacy left over - but I can't find any files on the site that I don't recognise. So my question is, how do I remove any Zeus Traffic Management from the site and stop the cookie being generated?

-Andrew Pepper

Frequent Contributor

Re: Mysterious cookie on site

Hi Andrew,

Zeus Traffic Manager (now Stingray Traffic Manager) can inject cookies into a response for session persistence reasons, but if you're not using Zeus, then I guess that is not what you are seeing.

Zeus does have a little-used session persistence mode (inherited from our 12-year-old software 'Zeus Load Balancer' product) where we monitor a cookie named 'X-Zeus-Backend' that is set by the back-end server (your application).  Perhaps that is the 'zeus cookie' you are observing?  If so, and you want to remove it, you will need to modify your application (web server config for example) and remove the code that defines that cookie.

Best regards