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Naming conventions - how do you do it?


Naming conventions - how do you do it?

I've been managing a few clusters of VTMs and our naming conventions stinks, I want to clean things up to make it easier to navigate, but I'm struggling coming up with something that makes sense.  Back when the VTMs were setup most of the traffic groups and virtual servers were named by the web server they were pointing and the pools were the client/site name.    This worked, but now that we're doing more with SNI and sharing IPs for shared sites it's a mess to navigate.


I'm toying with the following:

  1. Traffic Groups = Name using external public IP, for instance 111.222.333.444-tg
  2. Virtual Servers = Name using high level role, for instance "sharedwordpress01-https-vs", "sharednet01-https-vs", or if a decidated server/client "joescrab01-https-vs".
  3. Pools = Name using host name, for instance "joescrab.com01-pl"

For shared sites we use a trafficscript to identify the host and send that traffic to a particular pool.


Looking to see how others do it before we start setting things in stone.  The technology part is easier than the organization part!



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Re: Naming conventions - how do you do it?

Interesting question, thanks for posting!