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Overall Traffic Manager Health Monitoring

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Overall Traffic Manager Health Monitoring

We run a managed hosting environment and run 25 instances of the Stingray traffic manager. As we continue to add more Stingray traffic managers I’m running into issues monitoring all of them. Currently we have email alerts configured to send out notifications when there are any issues detected. This works well but at times we get bombarded with Stingray emails and if someone misses an email the traffic manger alarm will get overlooked. We also use SNMP alarms that monitor specific OIDs (CPU, disk space, node failures,…) to display ongoing alarms on a dashboard in our NOC. This works well for us so all engineers are notified if there is a traffic manager in alarm. The issue I run into with this is the SNMP monitors do not always catch issues with the traffic managers.


Is there a way to poll the overall status of the traffic mangers via SNMP or API? For example is there a way to run the green, yellow, red status that display in the top right corner of the GUI?


Is there a dashboard in development that I can connect all of our traffic mangers to easily administer them? In our case multi-site manager will not work because we have to keep each traffic manager independent of each other.


Has anyone found a nice method for monitoring the traffic managers?  Here are a few SNMP values I’ve been using:


CPU percentage: .

IP forward is enabled:  .   (we have to use IP forwarding and the traffic mangers likes to disable this after updates)

Ram Free:  .

Disk space used in Root:   .   /   .    * 100

Disk space used by logs  .  /    .  * 100

Node status:  .


Re: Overall Traffic Manager Health Monitoring

Hi Jberry,


How about diagnoseSystem() described on page 444 of the control api documentation:




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Re: Overall Traffic Manager Health Monitoring

I've been looking at using that but I was having issue pulling this into our monitoring system and generating the logic that determines the difference between red, yellow, and green. Do you have the logic that is used on the main GUI to display the red, yellow, or green status?

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Re: Overall Traffic Manager Health Monitoring

Hi Jason,

Please take a look at the following Tech Tip: Tech Tip: Reading Stingray's internal diagnosis report using Perl and SOAP

Best regards