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Partition Support

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Partition Support

I just downloaded the trial version of the traffic manager and I would like to know about partition support. Thanks you.



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Re: Partition Support

Hi Steve,


The concept of partitioning is not available in the Pulse Secure Traffic Manager solution, but we have  a distinct feature which gives the ability to segregate multiple/unlimited VTMs (aka Partitions) within the Pulse Secure Services Director. Our key advantage across all the competing vendors when it comes to partitioning is the ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth across different Pulse Secure Traffic Manager instances. Our Services Director has the capability to stack bandwidth licenses that can be distributed across traffic manager instances. In addition, the Services Director has the capability to provide Analytics features as well as provide detailed network insights of a traffic flow. If you are interested in knowing more about Services Director Analytics, I suggest contacting your local Pulse sales to give you a quick demo of the Services Director features.