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Performance for the Cloud with Pulse Secure vADC

Performance for the Cloud

edited by Dawn Morris


We live in a virtualized world. Virtualization has fundamentally changed the way that we build, deploy, manage and maintain applications. Servers used to be static, time consuming to provision, expensive to maintain and often over provisioned and under utilize. Virtualization tipped the old economics of the data center on its ear and allowed applications to be deployed more cheaply and quickly and brought new levels of efficiency to the ways in which organization deliver their applications.


Performance for the CloudAnd not only are mainstream applications are moving to the cloud, but the next wave of developers are using containerization and microservices to create agile applications built from lightweight, volatile components for greater agility and efficiency.


Whether in public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds like Amazon or Azure, or Managed Service Provider clouds like Rackspace, or private clouds built with tools like OpenStack, "The Cloud" is again fundamentally changing the way that we build and manage applications. The days of simply buying a dedicated networking appliance are over, and software networking is the new king. Software allows solutions to be built that are flexible, extensible, automatable and most importantly, portable.


Pulse Secure vADC is the only enterprise-grade solution that can ensure that your virtual and cloud workloads can be delivered and stay the way you want them: Available, Scalable, Fast and Secure. With its pure software heritage, Pulse vADC has been designed from the ground up to run in these virtual and cloud worlds. Pulse Secure also offers a breakthrough flexible licensing model that lets you manage your ADCs the way you want to.


Find out how Pulse vADC can deliver massive throughput, even in virtual and cloud environments - seamless performance for development, for test and for global-scale high-growth applications.



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