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Permission problem in Traffic manager GUI

Occasional Contributor

Permission problem in Traffic manager GUI


I have problem when setup the Permission under Traffic Manager GUI:

Traffic Manager: Version 9.0

For example I have different

Traffic IP Group A, B & C.

and also different Virtual Servers D, E & F

and Pool G, H & I

Now, I would like to setup a Guest User call "Demo" with customize Guest group base on Default Guest group.

Question is:

How can I control User "Demo" can only view the information Traffic IP Group A + Virtual Servers D and Pool I

Also only allow to view Activity information for Virtual Servers D under Activity?



Re: Permission problem in Traffic manager GUI


     Currently, Stingray does not provide Role Based Access Control that extends to limiting configuration elements.  You can restrict which parts of the configuration system a group needs access to, but not which vservers/TIP/Pools/etc that they can administer. 

The best solution Stingray could provide currently would be to use either:

  • Use separate Stingray instances where you need separate configurations or
  • If this is a service provider style setup, you could build a configuration view inside your own web application, and configure the Stingray using the SOAP or REST API.  This would allow you to provide this level of access control within your own web application..

hope that helps..


Aidan Clarke
Pulse Secure vADC Product Manager