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Pool.use vs

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Pool.use vs

I'm working on some new scripts and I'm not sure if I should use pool.use or  In the TrafficScript guide it says that if you use pool.use it will stop processing any other rules. Does that mean that if I use this option traffic will not be checked against my Zeus AFM Enforcer request rule?

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Re: Pool.use vs

You're correct about the distinction between pool.use and

If you call 'pool.use' in a request rule that runs before your enforcer rule, then the enforcer rule will not be run.

This is a useful technique if you have a pool of servers for static content (images, css, etc) and you don't want to run the Application Firewall rules against requests to that pool.  You can pool.use() to divert those requests immediately, and bypass the Enforcer rule



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Re: Pool.use vs

Thanks!  I'll modify my rules and use, I want to make sure that the app firewall rules are enforced.