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Pools and virtual folders


Pools and virtual folders



I am evaluating Stingray at the moment.

I want to have a single exposed IP address/server with multiple virtual folders running on IIS.



  • my-apps\app1
  • my-apps\app2

I have two physical servers which will be load balanced to expose 'my-apps':

  • appserv1
  • appserv2

Both of these servers have app1 and app2 running on, so the cobinations are:

  1. appserv1\app1
  2. appserv1\app2
  3. appserv2\app1
  4. appserv2\app2


How can I configure Stingray to have the ability to stop (preferably by draining) traffic to no 1 above, but without affecting traffic to 2, 3 & 4?

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Re: Pools and virtual folders

Hi Mark,

If you want to be able to drain no 1 without affecting others, you need to work with different pools (one by virtual folder).

Each pool will have different nodes so you will be able to drain a specific node in a specific pool without affecting others.

As you want to host every application (i.e. virtual folder) on same physical servers, you need to provide Stingray a criteria to distinguish what application is requested.

You can choose either the IP address (thus your backends will be multihommed) or the TCP port (e.g. app1 on port 80 and app2 on port 81).

On the virtual server side, you will use a TS rule to choose what pool to select probably by inspecting the host header.

I hope this will help you.
Feel free to ask for more help (even off list) if you think you need it.