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Pulse Secure Services Director 19.1 Released

In this release, Pulse Secure Services Director offers the capability to deploy Application Templates to automate configuration of clusters. In addition, Services Director supports a new secure websockets connection for more robust management of Traffic Manager instances in Kubernetes and NAT-enabled networks. Highlights include:

Application Templates - Services Director now supports application templates that simplify and automate the configuration of vTMs for specific applications. Once a template has been installed, an instance of that template can be created with specific parameters (e.g. certificates, node IPs) and applied to a vTM cluster. The template instance's parameters can also be edited afterwards. All the changes to the parameters are propagated automatically to the cluster when the changes are applied. The application templates are published and updated separately. Details are available in the Pulse Secure User Community at

vTM-SD Communications Channel Services Director now supports a new vTM-initiated channel for communication between vTMs and Services Director. This allows Services Director to provide its full range of functionality for vTMs that cannot be routed to by Services Director (e.g. because they are behind a NAT device). This feature will be used by default for self-registered vTMs where the vTM and Services Director versions are at least 19.1.

Automatic Removal of Inactive vTM Instances - Services Director can now automatically remove vTMs that have repeatedly failed monitoring from its records, complementing its ability to automatically accept new vTM registration requests. This feature is off by default.

Improved MySQL Replication Log Management - Services Director HA pairs now proactively remove database replication logs that have already been processed, reducing the likelihood of disk space running out for customers with large estates. The setting for the number of days to keep replication logs now only has an effect on non-HA Services Directors or when database replication has failed.

For more information, please refer to the release notes, available on the download portal. A complete set of user documentation is also available on including getting started guides, installation, configuration and API reference documentation. 

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