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Pulse Secure Traffic Manager 19.1 Released

In this release, Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager adds a new Wizard to speed up deployment of Optimal Gateway Selection for closer integration with Pulse Connect Secure. Other new features add support for Kubernetes Helm Charts, container networking and more. Highlights in this release include:

OGS-WizRun-Trim.pngOptimal Gateway Selection - A new Wizard makes it very easy to set up an Optimal Gateway Selection (OGS) function using Traffic Manager to manage your Pulse Connect Secure implementation. When you select the Optimal Gateway Selection wizard from the drop-down, the software steps through a series of dialogs to gather the information on each gateway location and enable the OGS service for a global VPN service.



Configuration Export - A new UI option allows a configuration to be exported as a YAML or JSON file, and managed within a version control system. The file format is suitable for use by the Config Import tool, and is particularly useful for deploying fully configured Traffic Managers in containers. The exported configuration can also be used in Kubernetes Helm charts.

K8s-Wheel.pngExample Kubernetes Helm Charts - Helm charts simplify deployment, configuration and management of Traffic Managers in Kubernetes clusters. The Helm chart can be deployed with a values file that specifies the deployment parameters, such as the number of replicas of the Traffic Manager to run, and can include inline configuration and references to configuration stored in existing ConfigMap and Secret resources.

The chart's repository and documentation are available here:

Transaction Limits - Traffic Manager can now enforce Maximum Transactions per node - limiting the number of concurrent transactions per node for all members in a pool. Excess requests will be queued until a node is free to service the request. This new policy could be used where different classes of request are routed to different pools, particularly for pools which manage heavyweight requests, without limiting other pools which manage lightweight requests. Examples could include user-generated content or API gateways, as an alternative (or in addition to) rate shaping and bandwidth management policies.


For more information, please refer to the release notes, available on the download portal. A complete set of user documentation is also available on including getting started guides, installation, configuration and API reference documentation.



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