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Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager Kernel Modules for Linux Software

The Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager Kernel Modules may be installed on a supported Linux system to enable advanced networking functionality – Multi-Hosted Traffic IP Addresses.



  1. Earlier versions of this package contained two modules: ztrans (for IP Transparency) and zcluster (for Multi-Hosted Traffic IP Addresses). The Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager software has supported IP Transparency without requiring the ztrans kernel module since version 10.1, and the attached version of the Kernel Modules package only contains the zcluster module.
  2. The  Kernel Module is pre-installed in Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager Appliances, and in Cloud images where they are applicable. The Kernel Modules are not available for Solaris. 

The Multi-hosted IP Module (zcluster)


The Multi-hosted IP Module allows a set of clustered Traffic Managers to share the same IP address. The module manipulates ARP requests to deliver connections to a multicast group that the machines in the cluster subscribe to. Responsibility for processing data is distributed across the cluster so that all machines process an equal share of the load. Refer to the User Manual (Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager Product Documentation) for details of how to configure multi-hosted Traffic IP addresses. zcluster is supported for kernel versions up to and including version 5.2.






Your build machine must have the kernel header files and appropriate build tools to build kernel modules.


You may build the modules on one machine and copy them to an identical machine if you wish to avoid installing build tools and kernel headers on your production traffic manager.




Unpack the kernel modules tarball, and cd into the directory created:


# tar –xzf pulse_vtm_modules_installer-2.14.tgz   

# cd pulse_vtm_modules_installer-2.14


Review the README within for late-breaking news and to confirm kernel version compatibility.


As root, run the installation script to install the zcluster module:


# ./


If installation is successful, restart the vTM software:


# $ZEUSHOME/restart-zeus


If the installation fails, please refer to the error message given, and to the distribution specific guidelines you will find in the README file inside the pulse_vtm_modules_installer package.


Kernel Upgrades


If you upgrade your kernel, you will need to re-run the script to re-install the modules after the kernel upgrade is completed.


Latest Packages


Packages for the kernel modules are now available via the normal Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager download service.

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im looking to use traffic ip ( Multi-hosted IP Module )but having trouble on my ubuntu server. when following these instructions i got this:

"You are running kernel version: 3.8.0-23-generic

The Stingray Traffic Manager kernel modules are supported on kernel

versions 2.6.11 to 3.2.0 inclusive.  Please install a supported kernel and

try again."

is there any alternatives to downgrading my kernel ?


Where I could found this module for solaris?.



Updated by @jbrookman with latest kernel modules, thanks!