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Pulse vADC Plugin for Eclipse

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Pulse vADC Plugin for Eclipse

We are delighted to announce that the Eclipse plug-in for Pulse vADC and TrafficScript has been published on GitHub, following from the original Eclipse plugin made available by Zeus Technology for ZXTM. You may need to re-install the Eclipse plugin if you have an older version of the Zeus plugin already installed.


About this extension:

  • Author:      Paul Wallace/Jeremy Brookman
  • Updated:   16th April 2014
  • License:    Eclipse Public License
  • Originally posted by Owen Garrett, 21/03/2011


Eclipse is one of the most popular IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). The slick user interface makes it faster and easier to manage and edit your current software project.




The plug-in allows you to edit your TrafficScript code in Eclipse, making it easier and faster to edit and deploy your rules:

  • Full syntax highlighting for TrafficScript rules, making it easier to edit and manage complex rules
  • TrafficScript auto-completion, code hints and online help to create powerful rules more quickly
  • The ability to manage rules on several clusters, comparing rules and copying rules from one cluster to another
  • Instant deployment of rules to a cluster for faster and more responsive implementation of changes
  • Syntax checking and validation, ensuring that a faulty rule is never deployed to a Traffic Manager


Installing the Plugin


To install the plugin you must have the following:

Eclipse installs plugins via an automatic update site, which is used to download and install the latest version of a particular plugin. To install the plugin for Eclipse:



The update site should appear in the main site list, under which the plugin should be listed. Check the box next to it.

  • Click Install... and follow the instructions given by the install wizard. The plugin should be downloaded and configured.

Restart Eclipse after completing the installation when prompted. The plugin should now be installed.


Getting started


Open the "Zeus" perspective, which sets up Eclipse to edit rules:

  • From the menu bar go Window -> Open Perspective -> Other... and select Zeus in the dialog that appears. Eclipse should then rearrange its self to display a new Viewer on the left hand side.


Connecting to a Traffic Manager cluster


Eclipse keeps all its code in projects, so that a Project connects to a Traffic Manager cluster and lets you edit the Rules Catalog which contains all the TrafficScript rules. To add a new project click the Add new Zeus project button at the top of the Zeus Viewer:




The Create a New Project wizard will appear:




Provide the details of the cluster you want to manage in Eclipse and hit OK. The plugin will then try and connect to the Traffic Manager you specified, and will create the project once successful. The Viewer should now show your Traffic Manager with all the rules on it.


You can now edit a TrafficScript rule and deploy it from within Eclipse. When you edit a TrafficScript rule, Eclipse provides syntax highlighting, code completion and documentation to help you create your TrafficScript code more quickly and accurately:




You can drag-and-drop rules between clusters, and when you save a rule, it is immediately deployed to the cluster.  If you have a syntax error in your rule, Eclipse will detect this and prevent the rule from being deployed.


You can manage several clusters within Eclipse, and drag-and-drop rules between each:




You can use the Navigator to compare rules to determine how they differ.  The ‘Compare’ view allows you to copy individual changes from one rule to another.





This Plugin for Eclipse is licensed under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 set forth at  (''License''). Plugin for Eclipse is distributed ''AS IS'' as set forth in the License. Plugin for Eclipse also includes certain third party code. All such third party code is also distributed ''AS IS'' and is licensed by the respective copyright holders under the applicable terms and conditions (including, without limitation, warranty and liability disclaimers) identified at


Download this extension from here:

vADC plugin for Eclipse | Eclipse Plugins, Bundles and Products - Eclipse Marketplace




Message was edited by: David Toth - Added the Zeus plugin URL on the Eclipse marketplace.


Message was edited by: Paul Wallace - Updated to show new download location at GitHub - corrected URL with trailing "/"


Message was edited by: Paul Wallace - Latest update includes improvements in the way that the plugin handles Developer mode software, and additional help data to cover features introduced in Stingray 9.6


Message was edited by: Paul Wallace - Update to Github links


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Re: Zeus Plugin for Eclipse


If company is using TACACS+ to allow access to the STM and the user name is 'first.last' the plugin errors:


What would it take to get the plug-in fix to allow this?

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Re: Zeus Plugin for Eclipse

Hi Richard,

I updated Owen's post with the Zeus plugin URL on the Eclipse Marketplace:

Zeus plugin for Eclipse | Eclipse Plugins, Bundles and Products - Eclipse Marketplace


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Re: Zeus Plugin for Eclipse

Thanks, are there any updates on this?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Stingray Plugin for Eclipse

All: This has been republished on GitHub at:

(note trailing "/")

And on the Eclipse Marketplace:

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Re: Stingray Plugin for Eclipse

hi all,

I've got some problem installing this plug-in because of inside file "site.xml" the key "url" in "feature" node is pointing to the root folder not to folder "features".

I've solved reproducing repository structure locally in my pc and modifying "site.xml" pointing key "url" to the "features" folder.


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Re: Stingray Plugin for Eclipse

Thanks - There was a problem with the URL I posted originally - now updated to show the correct URL:

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Re: Stingray Plugin for Eclipse

We were recently forced to turn off TLS 1.0 on our Stingrays and doing so broke our ability to login via the Eclipse plugin. The only SSL option enabled on our Stingrays is: admin!support_tls1_1.

I have yet to find a way to get connected to the Stingrays through the Eclipse plugin using TLS 1.1. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Stingray Plugin for Eclipse

Tim, thanks for this and the other info you sent over. We'll continue to look at this and let you know if we can update in due course.

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Re: Stingray Plugin for Eclipse

Additional note: this Eclipse plugin works best when you have a production license on your Stingray Traffic Manager, and you may have problems when you are using the Developer Edition. If you need to use the Eclipse plugin in a developer environment, then for now, the best approach is to request a 30-day evaluation license via the online form: