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Put up maintenance page based on host and context root

Occasional Contributor

Put up maintenance page based on host and context root

I have two queries

1. I have one Virtual Server and there's no room add another.

This VS receives requests for two host names (say and ).

Also I have different applications deployed which are accessible from above domains (with different context rules).

When app1 is under maintenance I want to put up maintenance page for "" requests and other apps must be accessible during this time. Also I do not want to have maintenance-rules for each domain/ app combination, but one generic maintenance rule.

What I'm thinking is to maintain an extra file like below.

And from a rule put up the matching maintenance page like below. (psedo code)

Read the extra property file above

for each line # i.e. key=value

     if host-name + path contains key

          bring up the page - value

Is there any better way to do this?

2. Is it possible to pass parameters for a rule. - i.e. Like we can provide init parameters for Java extensions?