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Redirect HTTPS URL

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Redirect HTTPS URL


I'm beginner on Stingray tool and I need help about URL redirection.

I want redirect to

Could you help me to realize this action on Stingray please?



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Re: Redirect HTTPS URL

Hi Adrien,

This should be straightforward I hope.

The way you would achieve this is to use a 'request rule'.  This is a rule that is run by a virtual server each time Stingray receives a request, and you can easily do things like inspect the request and issue a redirect.

You can create rules in two ways - by using the RuleBuilder, and by using the more sophisticated TrafficScript language.  Rulebuilder rules are simpler and easier to understand; here's one that should do what you need:

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 14.46.19.png

To apply this:

Create an HTTP virtual server listening on port 443, and enable SSL decryption with an appropriate certificate.  Load-balance traffic to your target servers (optionally re-encrypting if necessary in the pool)

Verify that you can browse your service through the virtual server.

Create the rule as described above, and apply it as a 'request rule' to the virtual server configuration.

You should observe that any requests for '/' are immediately redirected to '/everywhere'

There's some good gettingstarted resources here (Getting Started with Stingray Traffic Manager), and you can do a quick search for 'redirect' on Splash to find many other more sophisticated examples.

Hope that this helps you get you started - best regards


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Re: Redirect HTTPS URL

Thank you very much for your help.