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Remote syslog server - AWS S3 Bucket

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Remote syslog server - AWS S3 Bucket



I have two main questions:


1. Can pulse VTM logs be sent to an S3 bucket by configuring it as remote syslog server?

2. According to page 71 inside the guide, pulse vtm can be configured to send logs to a remote syslog server, however there are no options in the dashboard to follow through the process. 


We are using the enterprise version or VTM, available from AWS as an EC2 instance.

Community Manager

Re: Remote syslog server - AWS S3 Bucket

Hello, can you confirm which version of the software you are using? The v18.3 user guide includes some information on how to set up logging to a remote syslog server on pages 50/51. There are also sections on how to monitor specific events, and set up and rotate filenames.


However, I don't think you can forward logs to S3 from within Traffic Manager, but some third-party tools might be useful in this respect.