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Response had invalid Content-Length '0, 0'

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Response had invalid Content-Length '0, 0'

Hi there,
I have been using the vTM Community Edition for some time, and I have configured a "virtual server", to publish a Rancher with https, and everything works correctly, except some operations, where I see that the vTM generates this error:

Pool rancher, Node Response had invalid Content-Length '0, 0': / k8s / clusters / c-9l2t7 / api / v1 / namespaces / games / pods / pacman-f849d7bc4-grjrd / portforward

I'm new to the Pulse Secure vTM "world", so I'm not sure what might be happening or is there something wrong configured.

Could someone give me a hand?

Thank you!!


Re: Response had invalid Content-Length '0, 0'

Hi sernafa,


The error message is saying the backend server is responding with a header such as this:


HTTP/1.1 200 Ok

Content-Length: 0, 0 says this:

   If a message is received that has multiple Content-Length header
   fields with field-values consisting of the same decimal value, or a
   single Content-Length header field with a field value containing a
   list of identical decimal values (e.g., "Content-Length: 42, 42"),
   indicating that duplicate Content-Length header fields have been
   generated or combined by an upstream message processor, then the
   recipient MUST either reject the message as invalid or replace the
   duplicated field-values with a single valid Content-Length field
   containing that decimal value prior to determining the message body
   length or forwarding the message.

Here, vTM's implementation behaviour is to reject the message, which is conformant, but probably isn't useful for you.  


A possible workaround might be turn off vTMs HTTP handling by changing the VS protocol to Generic Client First.


If you have a support contract please raise a support case for further assistance, and if necessary to raise a bug with Eng to get the behaviour changed.




Pulse Secure vADC Support (Acquired by Ivanti)