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Right-Size for Capacity, not for Complexity

by Aidan Clarke and Paul Wallace


Today’s applications are built for innovation and customer experience, and it can be hard to predict how they will evolve if they hit a rapid growth curve. Which makes it very hard to plan ahead for capacity, especially when you don't know how your systems will scale under increased workloads.


Traditionally, IT organizations would need to plan far, far ahead. Not just for systems resources such as CPU, memory, storage and networks, but also for software licensing for larger-scale systems. This used to very complex, as software sizing often depended on workloads: you might need to translate your projected capacity (guess) into the numbers of CPUs required (guess) in order to calculate the number and type of software licensing required (another guess).


In order to hit the projected workloads, you might need more CPUs, for which you might need to buy bigger licenses. And just in case, you might round up to make sure that your application did not hit the CPU license limit at peak periods.


Right-Size for Capacity, not for Complexity


With Brocade vADC, we have taken some of the guesswork out of capacity planning. We don't limit the number of CPUs you can run on an instance. If you need more horsepower, simply add more CPUs to the workload and you can scale up to meet demand, up to the licensed capacity you have selected.


With a pure software architecture, Brocade vADC can monitor throughput and capacity, while optimizing the available CPU and memory. So if you provision a vADC with 1 Gbps ADC capacity, then it will only be limited by the available CPU/memory/networking. You can add complex business rules, deep security scanning, compression and SSL/TLS security, and you will still be able to deliver 1 Gbps throughput so long as the system has enough resources.


So while traditional IT architectures meant that you had to over-size your systems - sometimes you had to install 10 Gbps of capacity just to run a 1 Gbps workload - with Brocade vADC, you just need to provision enough CPU and memory to right-size your workload.


Get started with Brocade vADC today, our Developer Edition is free to download and try out in your test and development environment.



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