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SSL Pool Redirect

New Contributor

SSL Pool Redirect

Please excsuse the n00bness of this question, I'm still learning a lot on the stingray's.  Currently I have a backend pool (pool A) that is accepting SSL traffic with my certs on the servers and a rule that says if any remote port = 443 then forward it to Pool A.


I want to now create Pool B of servers which breaks my rule.  Generally the traffic will look like this to get to the servers:

 I'm trying to work a rule that would allow me to pickout the A or B designation in the subdomain part of the URL and then forward to the appriproate PoolA or PoolB


Here is all I have worked up so far but it doesn't seem right to me given I'm looking at a http.get call and from my limitied experience it seems that there should be a different get command for https.  Can someone please validate or tell me what I would use to modify for an https call?  Thank you very much:


if(http.getHostHeader() == "" ) 
pool.use ("PoolA");
else if (http.getHostHeader() == "" )
pool.use ("PoolB");

 I was also considering this: 



if(string.containsI(http.getrawurl(), "DomainA") )
pool.use ("PoolA");

Re: SSL Pool Redirect

Hi Mallanon,


I believe with https the header is encrypted.  To accomplish what you want to accomplish you need to do SSL decryption on the Stingray.  Once the Stingray has decrypted the traffic you can then make a rule like the below.  This video discusses SSL decryption on Stingray: