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Session Persistence

g kumar
Occasional Contributor

Session Persistence

We have enabled IP based session Persistence. Our clients are basically mobie apps and hence what will happen when the mobile moves from one network to another network-say switch from WiFi to 3G? Due to this the client's IP(which I believe the network service provider's IP) get changed right..?. This is also true, when multiple users from the same network tries send request to server, right..?


what is the most recommended session pesrsistance technic  here..?


Re: Session Persistence

It is true that network roaming might result in a change in the IP address, but there are a number of other persistence mechanisms that you can use. You can use Cookies for persistence, or you can choose your own persistence key using the TrafficScript function connection.setPersistenceNode();


See the chapter on Configuring Session Persistence for more info on Universal Persistence, Session Affinity and others.